Advanced Life Support (Paramedic)

The Glassy Mountain Fire Department is approved by the DHEC EMS and Trauma Division as an Advanced Life Support-Paramedic Provider. This means that our personnel are trained at the Paramedic level of certification and can provide the same level of service that a GCEMS Ambulance would provide with the exception of transportation to the hospital.

Through a working relationship with Greenville County EMS, our Quick Response Vehicle is often the first on scene and provides critical care and initial assessment for the members of our district.

This is a crucial service for our district which lies in the Northern-most part of Greenville County as more than 60% of our requests for service are EMS-related.

In addition, our personnel who are trained at the EMR, EMT and Advanced EMT levels also play a significant role in providing high quality first response EMS to the residents and visitors of “The Dark Corner”.

Robert Staples, EFO
Fire Chief
Glassy Mountain Fire Department

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Updated: October 21, 2019 — 2:20 pm