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I am happy to announce that the Glassy Mountain Fire Department has been renewed by DHEC EMS and Trauma Division as an Advanced EMT EMS Provider! This means that our personnel trained at the Advanced EMT and Paramedic level of certification can provide the following additional clinical assessments and therapeutic treatments:

  • Cardiac monitoring and interpretation of 12-Lead ECG tracings to recognize and diagnose an evolving Myocardial Infarction.
  • Administration of Epinephrine 1:1000 Intramuscularly (in lieu of the Epi PEN)
  • Breathing Treatments via nebulized Albuterol
  • Glucagon – to treat diabetic patients that are either unresponsive to Dextrose or have no vascular access.
  • Naloxone – to treat narcotic overdoses.

Also, the GMFSA Board of Commissioners has authorized the purchase of a Physio-Control LifePak 12 Cardiac Monitor/Defibrillator/AED that includes assessment tools such as Non-invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring (NIBP), SpO2 (Saturation of Peripheral Oxygen capillary pressure), ETCO2 (End-tidal Carbon Dioxide) monitoring which measures exhaled carbon dioxide, and of course 12-Lead ECG monitoring and interpretation.  This tool will aid our personnel in assessing and treating our patients and can truly save lives when determining the presence or absence of an evolving Myocardial Infarction.

This is a giant step forward for a fire department in the North Greenville County area and will serve our residents and visitors well as more than 60% of our requests for service are EMS-related.

To create an alignment with their agency so that GMFD units function seamlessly with GCEMS units on scene Greenville County EMS Command Staff (GCEMS) offered the following to assist us in functioning at the Advanced EMT level:

  • Access to their platform EMS Tool Kit which provides access to online EMS educational opportunities and permits personnel to take Clinical Operating Guideline exams to ensure compliance with medical protocols.
  • Provide access to their EMS Patient Care Reporting program: EMS Charts which will blend our patient reports with GCEMS units and a single transmission of events to SC DHEC.
  • Allow GMFD to provide in-house In-Service Training (IST) which is required for personnel to practice in Greenville County. Currently, personnel must go to Greer or Duncan Chapel FD for these in-service programs.   Paramedics will still need to attend IST at Greenville Memorial in the Simulation Center.
  • Allow GMFD personnel to participate in ride-along opportunities to enhance their experience and prehospital skill set.

We will provide additional EMS training for those interested in pursuing that direction and enhancing their skill set while serving our customers.   Even though these new medications and licensure level are for the Advanced EMT or higher level, personnel trained at the EMR, EMT and Intermediate levels will play a large role in providing high quality first response EMS to the residents and visitors of “The Dark Corner”.

Robert Staples, CFO, CEMSO
Fire Chief
Glassy Mountain Fire Department

Updated: March 8, 2017 — 10:23 am
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