The Importance of Fundraising —- You Make It Happen!

Recognizing the economic challenges facing us all, we are especially grateful for the ongoing largess of our community in providing funding above and beyond our income from county taxes.  We have benefited from the ongoing generosity of the residents of our district in their annual fundraising activities and events including our annual rummage sale, the golf tournaments, dinners and a number of additional, creative fundraising events.  With these additional funds, we have acquired an array of technically advanced equipment that allows us to provide better services to our district including the purchase fire engines, tankers, rescue and brush trucks and to refurbish and build firefighting equipment, as well as special gear for our career and volunteer staff including fire hoses, self-contained breathing apparatus, our computer systems and software, lawnmower and hauling and rehabilitation trailers, just to name a few.

  • Once again the Biennial Rummage and Bake Sale was a huge success. The 2019 Rummage Sale, held on May 7th, has come to a close.  Items not sold have been donated to charitable organizations to further benefit the community.  Thank you to everyone that contributed to the success of the event. The last 2-3 months required much of your time and effort to make this event successful.  We brought in more than $25,000 and are well on the way to purchasing an additional cardiac monitor for station 35.  
  • While residents of The Cliffs have everything to gain from the wide array of amenities and events available to them, they continue to prove that giving back to the local community is a top priority in their everyday life. On May 2, 2017, the residents of The Cliffs at Glassy, Valley and Mountain Park came together to host the now Biennial Rummage and Bake Sale that raised more than $26,000 for the Glassy Mountain Fire Department (GMFD). The process starts about six months before the sale with volunteers collecting, sorting and pricing all donations.  Then it is all hands on deck as The Cliffs’ residents and GMFD employees and volunteers set up, staffed the sale, and sold hundreds of items. The proceeds from the event will be used to purchase much-needed capital equipment and supplies to ensure GMFD continues to serve the community.
  • Through a generous donation from Lynn Heinicke and Gene Buchanan, two highly-specialized Thermal Imaging Cameras were acquired to help our firefighters and rescue workers see through smoke, fire, walls, darkness, dense vegetation and fog to find people and fire helping us save lives in our community.  Thermal Imaging Cameras use infrared technologies that allow firefighters find trapped individuals and fellow firefighters, locate incendiary devices and hidden fire sources.  The National Fire Protection Association reports that only one-fourth of fire departments nationwide own Thermal Imaging Cameras but most have them on their wish lists.
  • Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation provided a grant for a Polaris RangerTM All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) sponsored by two Firehouse Subs Restaurant franchise owners, Messrs. Omar Ghorbani, Boiling Springs and Elliott Goldsmith, Greer.  The Polaris Ranger ATV provides us with dual functionality of fire and medical rescue in the rural terrain within the district allowing quicker access to remote areas for fire attack, lost person searches, patient extrication and responder rehabilitation. 
  • The Cliffs Valley Residents Committee donated 20 Global Positioning System (GPS) devices that were installed on our fleet to assist our firefighting staff not only in verbal directions in case of an emergency but also to identify locations of all district fire hydrants.  Special thanks to Tigerville Fire Department for the specialized programming of the GPS devices.As you can see, we are indebted to our community for all your fundraising support.  By helping to provide us with the best equipment available, we then can be the best that we can be.
  • In addition to being recipients of fundraising events, we also raise funds for special causes most notably the Muscular Dystrophy Association Fill-the-Boot Day for Jerrys Kids, a program that has been sponsored by the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) and the Muscular Dystrophy Association since 1954 having donated more than $300 million since the start.  We are proud to be a part of this important program. In 2019, our firefighters raised $4,712 through the generosity and support of our gracious community.
  • In 2014 GMFD Firefighters supported Breast Cancer Awareness Month & the Susan G. Komen Foundation by wearing “Pink T-Shirts” during the month of October.  The department raised funds in support of this worthy cause by selling GMFD designed Pink-T-Shirts.  Also Team GMFD consisting of members Zachery Coates. Easton Howard, Rob Hitt, Devon Blanchard, David Hindman, Chris Spencer, and Haley Roddy placed 4th in the Climb of the Landmark Building in support of the American Lung Association.  The Team raised $1155.00 exceeding their goal of $1000.00

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