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First Monday of each Month

Volunteer Hands-On Training Schedule 2022

All Personnel,
The 2021 Hands-On Training Events are for all of our Volunteers.  These events will be held at Station #34 unless otherwise directed.  We have put together topics that were requested and ones that are required for continuing training.  The topics will include many sub-training components, that will be addressed to go along with the main topics.  Volunteer staff should make every effort to attend these sessions, for up to date training on our procedures and equipment.  Click on above schedule for dates and topics.  You will be notified if dates or times change. 
Thanks for all that you do everyday!!
Captain Russell T. Rafferty EFO, NREMT-P

Training and Minimum Attendance Requirements:

To: All Personnel:
Training is a key to optimal functioning of any organization. Without ongoing training, skills, knowledge, and abilities begin to fade and new or changing information is not learned and those not actively training with the organization are not “up to speed” in comparison with team members that are actively engaged, honing their skills, knowledge, and abilities and gaining new information.


In order to ensure that our personnel are prepared for the alarms we are called to respond to, I am going to enact a minimum number of training events that each member must actively participate in in order to remain active with the department. The training must be a scheduled Monthly Training/Meeting, Hands-on event, or Medical Continuing Education class. Although company level and individual training is important and encouraged for our members to participate in, training with more than the on-duty crew or individually is crucial to build a greater level of knowledge and camaraderie between multiple team members.


Therefore, effective June, 2019 all department members will be required to attend at least 50% of the department-offered training opportunities. Members that do not meet that threshold will forfeit their membership with the department.


Generally, the Monthly meeting and training is held the first Monday of the Month. Hands-on training is held every 6 weeks, normally on a Saturday. Medical Continuing Education is held the third Wednesday of each month with the exception of July and December; those months Greenville Health (now known as Prisma-Upstate) offers hands-on training for EMTs at the Simulation Center in Greenville. There may be other department-wide training opportunities announced throughout the year. Those events will be announced via email, Active911, or other department communication methods.
And as always, thank you for all you do.
Robert Staples, MS, CFO, EFO
Fire Chief
Glassy Mountain Fire Department
2015 Highway 11
Landrum, SC 29356
864-895-4748 (Fax)
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“Preserving Our Heritage – Protecting Our Future”

Because our work is so important, we make sure all our firefighters and emergency response personnel are properly trained and equipped.  We provide the equipment, clothing, insurance and training. 

The training opportunities are ongoing.  Our firefighters receive initial and continuing training as first responders as well as instruction in handling emergencies in firefighting, autoMVC-001S extrication, dealing with hazardous materials, flammable liquids and gas, and technical rescues that meet the requirements of the South Carolina Fire Academy and South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.  We conduct “All Hands Training” training once a month with specialized “Hands-On Training” and “Medical Training” sessions scheduled as appropriate.



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