Thank You to All Firefighters, Police, Health Care Workers, and First Responders.

All GMFSA Facilities Are Closed To The Public


Please take a few moments to browse our pages.  Within these pages you will see a sampling of the programs we offer in our mission to reduce the loss of life and property to our citizens and visitors.

The Glassy Mountain Fire Service Area (GMFSA) is proud to announce that their new Quick Response Vehicle (QRV) is now in service. Since 2017 the GMFSA has provided Advanced Life Support (ALS)-Paramedic level response to its district which covers 52 square miles of the Upstate of Greenville County. QRV 34 also provides coverage for critical medical calls in our bordering agencies when requested.

The GMFSA currently has thirteen full-time and part-time paramedics which staff two full-time positions. One paramedic responds from Station 34, which is GMFSA Headquarters, 2015 Highway 11, Landrum, and the second paramedic responds from Station 35, which is their substation at 315 Beaver Dam Road, Travelers Rest.

“We are fortunate to have a new reliable, well-organized vehicle to respond to our most urgent calls for help. Structures can be replaced, but our citizens are what matter most,” stated Chief Robert J. Staples. Since becoming an ALS-Paramedic unit in August of 2017, QRV 34 has responded to over 1,000 calls. Our original QRV had also served as a Chief’s vehicle and as an Assistant Chief’s vehicle since it was put into operation in 2012. It will now be used as a service vehicle for general department operations.

The GMFSA is a Special Taxing District covering 52 square miles of northern Greenville County, SC, an area often known as “The Dark Corner”.  We operate with a full-time Chief, an Administrative Manager, eleven career firefighters, nine part-time firefighters and approximately 35 volunteer firefighters, cadets and first responders who serve at five fire stations housing 22 pieces of apparatus.  The Insurance Service Office (ISO) has given our Service Area a Class 3 Rating.  We are a public, tax-supported department formed by Greenville County Council in 1988 and are overseen by a seven member Board of Commissioners elected by District residents.  Our five fire stations include:

  1. Headquarters Station #34 at 2015 Highway 11, Landrum
  2. Beaver Dam Station #35 at 315 Beaver Dam Road, Travelers Rest
  3. Oak Grove Station #36, 400 Oak Grove Road, Landrum
  4. Dividing Water Station #38, 49 Dividing Water Road, Travelers Rest
  5. Cliffs at Glassy Mountain Station #37, 3 Rolling Hills Lane, Landrum.


We Train….We Train….We Train….

Glassy Mountain Fire Department is proud to be one of the largest and best trained Combination Departments in the Upstate.  Training, Recruitment, and Continual Improvement are department priorities.

2019 was a busy year for us with 690 responses.   We continue to be a leader in EMS care in northern Greenville County influencing others to step up their role in providing medical care to their constituency.


To Save Lives and Protect Property

WE TRAIN to learn the techniques and sharpen the skills that are needed, when our services are called upon.
WE TRAIN to meet the expectations of our community, our friends, our neighbors by providing timely and effective services.
WE TRAIN to save the lives and protect the property of the residents within our district.
WE TRAIN to be the very best that we can be.


This is an exciting time for the Glassy Mountain Fire District.   The ability to better serve our residents and visitors that are experiencing a medical or traumatic event will have a significant impact on the health and longevity of those we serve.

We Are Your Firefighters!

Interested in being part of our team?
Being a member of the Glassy Mountain Fire Department offers rewards few other things in life can match.   Whether serving as a volunteer firefighter, rescue or emergency medical technician, cadet or support member, few opportunities can provide the sense of pride that comes from knowing you are making a difference in the lives of others, something we experience every day! 

I am your Firefighter!


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