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Welcome to the Glassy Mountain Fire Service Area (GMFSA) Web-Site.

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Please take a few moments to browse our pages.  Within these pages you will see a sampling of the programs we offer in our mission to reduce the loss of life and property to our citizens and visitors.   T
he  GMFSA is a Special Taxing District covering 52 square miles of northern Greenville County, SC, an area often known as “The Dark Corner”.

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We Train….We Train….We Train….

Glassy Mountain Fire Department is proud to be one of the largest, and best trained Combination Departments in the Upstate.    Of the approximately 50 Members, 25 are trained Firefighters, 17 EMT’s, 10 Paramedics, and 8 Emergency Medical Responders.   Training, Recruitment, and Continual Improvement are department priorities.

2018 was a busy year for us as we ended with 726 responses. Of those, 162 were Mutual/Automatic aid responses. And of those 162, 101 were QRV responses to assist GCEMS in our neighboring agencies.   

We continue to be a leader in EMS care in northern Greenville County influencing others to step up their role in providing medical care to their constituency.



To Save Lives and Protect Property

WE TRAIN to learn the techniques and sharpen the skills that are needed, when our services are called upon.
WE TRAIN to meet the expectations of our community, our friends, our neighbors by providing timely and effective services.
WE TRAIN to save the lives and protect the property of the residents within our district.
WE TRAIN to be the very best that we can be.


Fire Suppression  –  Search and Rescue – Advanced EMT / ALS Paramedic Medical Response

Glassy Mountain Fire Department provides Advanced Life Support (ALS – Paramedic) EMS services from its Headquarters location at 2015 Highway 11.  GMFD joins the South Greenville and Mauldin Fire Departments in providing ALS first response in Greenville County in conjunction with Greenville County Emergency Medical Services.

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This is an exciting time for the Glassy Mountain Fire District.   The ability to better serve our residents and visitors that are experiencing a medical or traumatic event will have a significant impact on the health and longevity of those we serve.

We Are Your Firefighters!

Fire and Life Safety Code Compliance
Public Education





Volunteer — We Need Your Help NOW!  Being a member of the Glassy Mountain Fire Department offers rewards few other things in life can match.   Whether serving as a volunteer firefighter, rescue or emergency medical technician, cadet or support member, few opportunities can provide the sense of pride that comes from knowing you are making a difference in the lives of others, something we experience every day!    I am your Firefighter!

Am I a Fireman Yet?
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The Littlest Fireman

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